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A guide for level 1-200 :) enjoy

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A guide for level 1-200 :) enjoy

Post  babygirl23 on Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:26 pm

Buy 10 expballs from the Shopping Mall if you don't have enough for 10 buy as many as you can once you use 10 you should be around level 45. Then talk to Match Boy for free Exp Pot 500 for 2 hours, and level 70 gear.

Go get armor and a weapon. if you don't have enough money to buy all your equipment go kill pheasants until you get enough gold. You want to get promoted whenever you can by the WH-Guardian and Guild Director. The promotions are at level 15, 40, 70, 100, and 110.

After you get all of your exp balls what i do is just use the equipment i have now until i get level 70. So i just kill apes until i reach level 70. You might want to get level 40 gears just to use until you're level 70.

If you're proficiency level for your weapon isn't high enough go to the market and talk to the PorficiencyGod he'll upgrade the proficiency of your weapon with ExpBalls.

Once you upgrade everything if you have enough cp's left over you can 1 and 2 socket your gears (besides weapons) at BlackSmith Lee in market. He'll 1 socket your gears for 12 dragonballs and double socket them for either 1 ToughDrill (not 100% chance of socketing) or 7 StarDrills.

Then once everything is socketed talk to the VIP storekeeper by the WH in market for ALL the super gems.

Once you hit level 70 i usually go to DC and kill sand bandits until around 85.

After you reach level 85 go back to market and upgrade all of your gears until the max you can at the Weapon Master for a DB each upgrade.

Once you upgrade everything to the max level go and kill BirdMen at BI up until level 100

then buy a fan and a tower for the Shopping Mall. The easiest way to get the double sockets in them is go back to TC and talk to Match Boy again and go to the level 70 gear and get the Water Tao pack. You only get a BackSword but then you equip the fan and tower then click socket either the fan and tower then put the BackSword in it. You need about 7 BackSwords for both sockets in either the fan or tower.

After you finish that go to Mystic castle in DC and talk to the Conductress and she'll teleport you to Mystic Castle.

I usually kill Red Devils until level 120. Then you go and upgrade all my gear again. And then go to lap zone. Which LabNpc can teleport you to. I stay there until i get level 130 and go upgrade all my gears again. After you upgrade them all until 130 i go back to the Lab zone and kill the monsters until level 200.

Once you reach level 200 your gears can look like this. But be careful you don't upgrade your weapons to level 185 because if you do you have to go and get level 17 proficiency which can take a little bit of time. So you might want to use Violet Gems in your gear and go to the training grounds.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and i hope it helps you get to level 200 Smile


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